Thursday, March 19, 2009

Connection Reset by Peer

I got the Laptop-based Gentoo server replacement for a future QNAP TS-209 up and running. The only problem is that SSH connections to the server are extremely unreliable and I keep getting disconnected, which of course is very annoying. How do you track down an error like this? My main suspect is my router, though. I have understood from posts on other sites that the DI-624 is notorious for dropping connections, locking up, being sluggish, you name it. Thinking about it, I have experienced quite a lot of problems downloading larger package updates over the years. Some days have been worse than others, and I've actually believed it was my ISP. Apparently Linksys are renowned for making good routers, so maybe it is time to upgrade to something more stable. If so, I will have to ask myself if it is time to upgrade to Gigabit ethernet as well...

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