Tuesday, March 24, 2009

DI-624 not the culprit?

Last week I was struggling with my SSH server on my Dell Inspiron running Gentoo. The connection was reset randomly, and so frequently that it was practically unusable. I thought my DI-624 router was to blame, since various posts accused that router model for being plagued with problems. As I often do, I grew tired of Gentoo and switched to experimenting on the Debian installation on the same computer (I switched Ubuntu Intrepid for Debian Lenny last week). Strangely enough, with Debian I don't experience any connection resets. As usual with Linux, I can't help but wonder what was wrong with the OpenSSH setup on Gentoo.

I often wonder if there is no better way to organize Linux support than forums. It's not often that you find something usable browsing forum posts. All too often the posts are outdated, or everyone is as confused as you are. Try finding information about whether a specific wireless network card is supported under Linux for example. I think that rant will be the topic of the next post.

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